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Affordable cost

There is nothing that beat having beautiful window panel at an affordable price and that is what Window Panel Guys will offer you. Window panel guys have real prices that no one can beat when it comes to making your home beautiful with window panels. We have been in the market for an extended period, and we know that cost and quality will always make our clients happy. Liaise with us at 888-603-5560, and you will get the most unbeatable rates for your window panels.


After sale service

Window panel guys offer after sale services for all our customers. We make sure that we check on our completed project to know if the window panel we fixed for you has any problem. If our client have a problem with the window panels, contact window panel guys immediately on 888-603-5560, and we will be there to fix it or replace it with a new one. The window panel guys will offer window treatment after every three months, and we offer if for free. Never let a problem persists for a long period when we are very ready to come to your rescue. Window panel guys are reachable on 888-603-5560.


Certified and insured

We pride to the fact that we are insured and certified to perform window panel installation. Window panel guys have all the certifications that they need to perform our duties in the best way. We are also fully insured that in case of any damage when undertaking any project we will adequately compensate our client.

Call us today at 888-603-5560 and enjoy our superior customer care services.

Steel window panels

We have window panel systems that are made of galvanized steels. The stainless steel bolts are then permanently installed in your window panels. The steel window panels are useful for protecting your residential or commercial buildings windows against rain, wind, and flying debris. The bolts that are used are permanently mounted on the window panel units. Talk to window panel guys on 888-603-5560 if you need to have your residential or commercial building installed with steel window panels. Steel window panels are durable and long lasting. You can even remove them if you feel you need a different design for your window panel. At Window Panel Guys we can advise you on the best type and design for your steel window panel.

Transparent guard systems.

At Window Panel Guys we provide our clients with transparent guard systems. The clear guard systems can be installed in your windows that have already been installed with steel window panels. The clear guard systems are known to provide you with visibility out of your window panel by maintaining the clarity of the glass and at the same time maintaining the appearance. While providing you with visibility, the transparent guard system is also known to be effective in providing storm protection to your window. The clear guard system is known to be the best kind of system for your window panel, and we will advise our clients to have them installed in their homes. At window panel guys, we are the best when it comes to installing your window panels with transparent guard systems and we are available on 888-603-5560 for further consultation.

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